Advanced Decompression Procedures

This course examines strategies for accelerated decompression.

  • You are presented with the option of multiple Nitrox blends.
  • You will learn advanced ppO2 management procedures to control CNS toxicity dose.
  • Training dives are conducted to depths as deep as 59m and two gasses are used for stage decompression.
Quick Facts

Prerequisites: Minimum 18 years old , Minimum 75 logged dives

Certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver with these specialties:
• Deep Diving
• Diver Stress & Rescue
• Enriched Air Nitrox
• Navigation or Wreck Diving
• Oxygen Provider
• Decompression Procedures or NormoxicTrimix
• 10 logged Air or optimised EAN Nitrox Dives or Normoxic Trimix Dives which were done by the
• use of a Stage ( EAN50 ). These dives should have been in depth ranges from 24m to 54m


How long does it take?:

Where can I train?: