SCUBA Skils Update

The SCUBA SKILLS UPDATE programme is designed to update your scuba diving skills as learned in your Open Water Diver course.

If your a bit rusty and haven't dived for a while,  brush up your skills & unlearn any bad habits, or just what to get more comfortable in the water - this is for you!

It is not designed as a training course for uncertified divers.
With this type of preparation you will be able to experience more relaxed dives.

The variety and complexity of diving equipment, diving skills, and diving locations available to recreational divers have increased dramatically.
It is diffcult for today's divers to maintain their skills and be comfortable with their equipment when they are not used on a regular basis.
For this reason it is now highly recommended by the scuba diving industry, and in some situations required, that divers complete a refresher course on an annual basis.

What will I learn about?

Your Scuba Skills Update Dive Leader will review the knowledge you learned in your Open Water Diver class as well as cover any new material. You will review dive planning, dive tables and dive execution to keep you safe during future diving activities.You will have the opportunity to practice your skills and learn techniques that may have changed. You will have the opportunity to refresh your memory and motor coordination, as well as practice your self-aid skills - all under the guidance of a dive leader.

Is it for me?

If it has been 12 months or more since you've been diving, then it is time for this refresher course.

Quick Facts

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver , current Dive Medical.

Works well with: Specialty Courses

Cost: $

How long does it take?: about 4hours

Where can I train?: Local pool or at the beach