Snorkel Diver

The SSI SNORKEL DIVER program is full of tips and advice to help make snorkelling easy and fun.

Snorkelling is both relaxing and exciting at the same time. It is a fun, safe activity for all ages.
You may have never thought of learning how to snorkel, but to get the most out of your snorkelling
experience you need to learn the right skills and use quality snorkelling equipment.
This is your chance to experience a whole new world up close, being weightless in the water, swimming with amazing marine life of all sizes from nemo to whalesharks!

What will I learn about?

• You will be introduced to snorkelling equipment: mask, fins, snorkel and boots.

• You will find out how to use, adjust and maintain each item, and what to look out for when purchasing.

• You will learn how to get into and out of the water, how to move in the water with ease and how
   to identify beautiful fish.

Quick Facts

Prerequisites: Able to swim and be medically fit
Works well with: Open Water Diver    Freediver


How long does it take?: It depends on your ability

Where can I train?: Local pool or at the beach