Open Water Instructor

This program prepares you to become an active member of the scuba industry, a successful educator, and a valuable dive business employee.

You will get your first card for your wallet so next time you are on holiday you can just show them
the card and go ahead and rent scuba gear. Diving offers a lifetime of exciting adventure and the
ideal way to begin that adventure is with SSI's OPEN WATER DIVER course.
Under the guidance of a professional SSI Instructor, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy a lifetime of underwater exploration.
SSI's modular, six-session teaching system includes a manual, study guide, Dive Log and dive tables. And with SSI's home study approach, you may be able to minimize your time in the classroom allowing for more time in the water developing ability and comfort.
In multiple pool and open water session, you will practice scuba skills with SSI's exclusive Comfort
Through Repetition teaching method.

What will I learn about?
  • How various industry stakeholders interact – manufacturers, media, agencies, retail, and travel.
  • How successful dive retailers and resorts operate.
  • The SSI Education System and Education Philosophy.
  • Techniques for teaching home study academics, pool and open water.
  • The legal aspects of teaching.
  • The basics of educational selling using SSI's Customer Loyalty Cycle
What can I teach as a certified SSI Open Water Instructor?:
  • Open Water Diver
  • Diver Stress & Rescue
  • Scuba Skills Update
  • Try Scuba
  • Specialty Courses (that you are qualified to teach)
Quick Facts

Prerequisites: Dive Control Specialist