Dive Control Specialist

The DIVECON programme prepares you to become an assistant instructor.

It incorporates diving physics and physiology, decompression theory, and leader stress and rescue. Training for conducting SSI programs, such as SCUBA SKILLS UPDATE and SNORKEL DIVER, is also included. This thorough training makes the SSI DiveCon a well-prepared, well-educated, versatile and marketable dive leader.

Devoted divers who are motivated to pass along their love of recreational scuba diving to others will find the DIVE CONTROL SPECIALIST course a challenging but satisfying experience that will add a new, rewarding dimension to the sport.

Much as the OPEN WATER DIVER course opened the door to scuba, the DIVECON course will open the door to leadership, which allows the DIVECON to enjoy diving on an entirely different level and to earn the respect of other divers.

Also, the advanced education provides the DiveCon with a deeper understanding of all aspects of diving including specialty dives, as well as a new perspective on equipment and rescues.
The training also makes excellent background for the SSI OPEN WATER INSTRUCTOR course, should the DiveCon decide to proceed to the next level.

What can I do as a certified SSI Dive Control Specialist (DiveCon)?:
  • Work on Dive Boats, in Facilities and Resorts.
  • Take people diving, lead trips and tours.
  • Assist SSI Instructors in the pool and open water.
  • Teach skills in the pool under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Teach independently Scuba Skills Update, Snorkel Diver, Try Scuba Diving and selected SSI Specialty.
  • Courses like Equipment Techniques, Navigation, Boat Diving, and Underwater Photography.
  • With additional training a DiveCon can also become a Scuba Rangers Instructor.
Quick Facts

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver

Works well with:

How long does it take?:  Talk to us.

Where can I train?: Locally